US Visa Information – Check out Cost of Visa and visa categories before immigrating

Many people around the world travel to the United States using different categories of US visas, such as tourist visas, students, K-1 spouses, family visas, green lottery cards, work. Many foreigners come to the United States temporarily or permanently to live. About one thousand people apply for different categories of US visas. All foreigners wishing to enter their home areas in the United States must obtain US permission in these matters.

  • If the person lives temporarily in 27 countries without visas
  • If you are not a permanent resident of Canada or Bermuda
  • If you are not allowed to travel to the United States without a visa due to a criminal record or other anti-social practices
  • Many other countries have adopted an international approach to visa requirements for elected citizens and visitors.
  • American visa uses very advanced technology. Visa applications are reviewed in detail and discussed at the visa consulates. The US Embassy database contains all the information provided by applicants.
  • The immigration process to the United States is at least one or two years after the applicant from different countries applied for an immigration letter.

Two categories of US visas

Immigrant Visa – For people who want to create a permanent home in the United States. In this case, the applicant must be supported by a US resident or a professional business owner requesting a written statement from the US Embassy regarding the financial situation of the citizen requesting a grant.

Non-Immigrant Visa – applies to people who live outside the United States but want to enter U.S. territory for a short-term special purpose. There are many tangible reasons for obtaining a non-immigrant visa, such as treatment, travel, business conferences and educational goals.

US visa fees

A US visa applicant must pay a $ 131 visa fee (ie, January 2008) to the Visa Consulate to inquire about the eligibility of the consular officer who decides on the issuance of the visa for the interview. Round Fees are not refundable if a visa applicant is rejected after the meeting. There are particularly important criteria for obtaining an American visa to enter the United States.

The immigration process to the United States is very tense, long, and expensive. U.S. visa applicants will be required to pay $ 1,000, even after paying a processing fee for a permanent stay in the United States.

There are different categories of visas that allow one to enter the home territory of the United States.

US visa categories

  • Tourist visa / B1 / B2
  • Work permit / H1B visa
  • Visa husband / V visa
  • Artist/sports visa
  • Temporary visa
  • Visa company
  • F / J / M visa
  • American wedding visa

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