Top Places to visit while on Vacation to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital, as well as the largest city in the Netherlands, is a unique city. It is home to the headquarters of various international organizations and is quite famous for its red-light areas. There are several places in the city that you should not miss during your visit. Some of them are on this exclusive list:


It is the largest museum in the Netherlands, and more than one million tourists visit it annually. From time to time it has been settled. It shows some of the most famous works of Dutch art. Apart from that, you could see the museum’s treasures, beautiful dollhouses from ancient times and traditional Delftware.

Van Gogh Museum:

The Von Gogh Museum houses 200 bizarre paintings and 550 sketches depicting Van Gogh in all its glory. This collection is combined with hundreds of letters by Van Gogh, and selected works by his friends and the present are the core of the museum’s collection.

The Red Light District

De Wallen: When people think of the red light areas, they only think of girls. Although there are many women there, there are also soundbars like Cubana. Especially for teenagers who come to Holland and do not visit this place would be a shame.

Anne Frank House:

This is right in the centre of Amsterdam and is the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during the Second World War. There are few empty rooms in the hidden basement of the house where two families lived for more than two years during the Holocaust. The original diary is on display at the show.

Brown Café:

Amsterdam has some of the best old cafes called brown today. They may indicate that they are from the past and too crowded, but the atmosphere is fascinating. People are friendly, and prices are low. One could enjoy a meal, relax and watch games on TV.

Oude Kerk:

This is an old church with small houses that cling to its sides. It is a quiet place that contrasts with the surrounding Red Light District. Its buildings were used by sailors to get directions. Adults could try an evening stroll in the nightlife area around the church.

Canal ring:

This is famously called the Venice of the North. The city centre is made up of canal rings that give a feeling of freedom and peace. You can go for a walk on these canal streets or take a boat trip by boarding one of the tourist cruises. Another way to explore is to ride a bike.

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