Top 10 jobs to look for in Australia

The 10 best workplaces in Australia were revealed in a new survey.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the report measured 20 areas across the country to record at least a five percent increase in employment since 2007. November in Sydney and East Perth was at the top of the list and employment has increased by 13 percent since November. During the same period, the number of jobs increased by 11%. Southeast of New South Wales and 10 percent. Bottom west of Western Australia, Ipswich City, North West Queensland, and downtown Melbourne.

From the state’s point of view, New South Wales (NSW) came out on top, approving 7 of the top 10 areas. Shortly after NSW, Queensland (QLD) followed with 5, Victoria (VIC) with 4 and Western Australia (WA) with 2.

South Australia and Tasmania followed suit and the “Northern Sector” in Western Adelaide and Tasmania proved to be an equally attractive area!

The 20 best areas were:

1) Perth East Metropolitan Area WA, employment increase by 13%

2) NSW lower north Sydney increased by 13%

3) Southeast NSW, increase of 11%

4) Lower WA WA rose by 10%

5) Ipswich City QLD, 10% increase in employment

6) North and northwest QLD, about 10%

7) Melbourne VIC average rose by 10%

8) NSW average in Sydney increased by 9%

9) CSLD balance sheet of Southern and Austrian countries, increase 9%

10) Darling Downs-South West QLD increased by 8%

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