Move to a civilized country like Australia, Britain, Canada, and the US! Learn how to do it


It is not easy for a country to accept “uninvited” migrants to ensure long-term stability.

  • An old good story for Arabs and beauty!
  • It was a cold winter night in the desert.
  • The camel asked the Arab to leave his head in the tent.
  • Al-Arabi agreed but later repented.


  • Slowly the camel came in and the Arab was driven out.
  • Can we face similar problems in the world?
  • Civilized humanity
  • We are a civilized society.
  • Immigrant insurance is not a civilized act.

It is not just when immigrants are deported from their country – immigrants from Syria or Muslims from Myanmar.

But later, human culture often causes inconvenience:

Violence in France, Belgium, and the United States,

Bisexual attacks on immigrants in Germany and Sweden

Brexit referendum

And the idea that comes from the border between the US and Mexico!

What can we do?

  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Information on migrants must be provided:
  • You will obey the laws of this land.
  • We didn’t invite you.
  • I have come; That was your requirement.
  • You will not claim “religious rights” if they do not comply with applicable law.
  • Australia did it.
  • France has banned a “curtain” for Muslim girls – a curtain at school.

There are still problems.

A message to immigrants

We all want to move to green pastures and look for:

Better employment opportunities and a better quality of life are no persecution.

But when it comes to this, there are other social needs that need satisfaction.

Immigrants have a duty to participate in the general flow of life.

People who have lived for centuries deserve priority.

If you remain isolated and do not integrate indoors, you should rethink it!

It is your responsibility to change the lifestyle that is acceptable to the host country.

As a guest in another country, without claiming unnecessary public concern by claiming the right to the object.

Migrants – origin

Migrants, even back, can be property.

Mexican immigrants – whether illegal or legal – meet a social need in the United States.

There are jobs and locals don’t want to work for them, but Mexicans feel good about them.

We need to improve the whole chain, not divide humanity.

Votes are necessary in a democracy.

Democracy is a necessary evil for a civilized society.

* The US has former votes from Mexico and America.

Politicians also sympathize with illegal immigrants to attract the votes of former Mexican citizens.

These problems will always benefit politicians.

Migrants are everywhere, a potential election bank.

Immerse immigrants in a sense of discipline

Receiving immigrants from Syria was a good thing for Europe.

European countries need to discipline illiterate immigrants from underdeveloped countries.

We are living in a period of transition.


There is a clear division of humanity.

But reproduction is a law of nature.

The friendly distribution of immigrants is a matter of time.

Why do you want it!

Migrants reduce the employability of the population.

Immigrants do not absorb themselves locally, socially – this may be due to financial incompatibility.

But we can solve this issue by maintaining social harmony and not dividing humanity.

Animals and birds do not believe in borders and visas.

The parable is not an ideological goal.

It’s convenient.

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