It’s time to put Sweden on the agenda for 2021. Top of the travel list and essential things to do in Sweden

If you think so in 2016. You filled out the travel list without the beautiful Kingdom of Sweden, think again. Whether you’re planning a trip around Europe with friends, you’re preparing for your annual family holiday somewhere in the north, or you’re just looking for peace and nature, it’s time. put Sweden at the top of your list.

Weather conditions

Most people choose to go to Sweden in the summer because the seasonal climate is pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold. Hikers and anglers also enjoy the fall season when leaves of different shades of earth dance in the air.

Transportation system

The most common vehicle in Sweden is the car and the train. Any tour guide can fully say that the country has a very sophisticated railway system. Further north, buses are used in places that are difficult to reach by train.


Food in Sweden is best enjoyed at street stalls and lunch restaurants where they sell cheaper products compared to western gourmet restaurants. Because indoor restaurants are expensive at night, both locals and tourists enjoy a manageable lunch buffet or “daily meal”. They are served with Swedish and other European dishes and usually include salads, garden and coffee. Daily meals are served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and sometimes even until 3 p.m.


Accommodation can be found in hotels, guesthouses, guesthouses, apartments and cottages. We strongly recommend that you always book in advance, especially in Stockholm and Gothenburg, where trade fairs and congresses take place in both cities, which can block all local hotel facilities.

Geographical status

In the main cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg, it is advisable to buy a city map. These cards include access to the museum, free tour guides, public transportation and other benefits.

Ancient objects

A visit to the Swedish capital Stockholm is a must. The city has many attractions, from beautiful buildings to beautiful museums with classic and modern themes, such as the Vasa Ship Museum and the ABBA Museum. Do not forget to visit Kulturhuset, the city’s art and culture center. It is considered one of the most visited buildings with exhibitions, shops, restaurants, a live theater and basic information about Stockholm’s tourism. Tourists can also take Mariefred by steamboat to Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred (Sörmlandsýsla), which is only three and a half hours away from the city.

A visit to Uppsala (north of Stockholm) can give everyone a lively atmosphere, as the university city is home to many international students and the great life of the city gives everyone a warm feeling of gratitude or memory of their youth.

For those who like cold weather and snow, they can visit Lapland in the north. This county is a popular winter destination for all Swedish tour guides with a variety of ski resorts and stunning scenery.

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