Immigrate to United State of America- discover How to Acquire Legal Immigration to the United States

Immigration matters refer to moving abroad from another country to another country due to permanent residence. American immigration refers to movements outside the United States to America.

The people involved in immigration are called immigrants. Increased immigration statistics in the United States are due to both legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants are foreigners who move to the United States and are entitled to the same rights as citizens, with the exception of the right to vote, receive some government benefits or hold political office. Legal immigrants can obtain citizenship through the naturalization process.

To be eligible for naturalization, people should have lived in the United States for five years. In some cases, proficiency in English and knowledge of American history and government may be required before acquiring US citizenship. Legal immigrants can be refugees, people seeking amnesty or individuals who have received a green card. Illegal immigrants also continue to put pressure on the immigrant population in the United States. They come to America illegally and should usually be deported.

How can you legally move to the United States?

There are various categories where one can legally move to the United States.

Family elections. This category allows US citizens to support a certain number of relatives in order to settle in the United States. This applies to siblings of American citizens, adult children and spouses. This category must be followed by various steps. The process is not obvious and US residency may be granted or denied.

Close relatives of US citizens. This party probably allows most legal immigrants to America. It allows US citizens to support an unlimited number of minor children, spouses and parents to America as immigrants.

Category by occupation. Individuals with employment skills in demand from the economy can obtain the immigration status of a unified state. However, the number of immigrants is limited and depends on the skills sought. The skills will change from time to time, so this category manages a different group of professionals over time.

Refugees / asylum. This party allows a limited number of people for political, religious or humanitarian reasons. In order for one person to be eligible in this category, he/she must prove that his / her life in the current country of residence is in danger. The number of immigrants given in this category varies from year to year and is determined by the decision-making power of the President.

Diversity. This is the latest form of legal immigration. It deals with groups or areas that are sub-representatives of the immigrant population in the United States. It seeks to balance the number of immigrants from different parts of the world.

Green card. This category offers a temporary stay in the US for a period of up to 10 years. It does not give an immigrant America citizenship but rather residency.

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