Four things you need to know when working temporarily in Canada.

Temporary employment in Canada can be a gateway to becoming a permanent resident or just a way to make more money or do something else. Hundreds of fifty thousand workers from other countries come every year to make up for lack of skills or even work as caregivers.

1. The owner of the business must determine eligibility

The person who wants to hire you must make sure that he or she can ask someone outside of Canada to perform the tasks he or she wants to perform. Some jobs require consultation with the labor market, while others only require a work permit. For more information on eligibility, the Canadian Immigration Web site has a complete list of careers that do not require an opinion on the labor market.

2. Other requirements

It is a list of general requirements that an individual must meet at any time when entering and living in a country. These are general requirements when visiting Canada, as well as the conditions you must meet while working in Canada. To get to Canada you must have a passport, be in good health and have plenty of money for your stay. Immigration officials can also ask other questions to determine your right to come to the country.

3. The work permit is not permanent

It’s important to keep in mind that getting a work permit does not mean you can stay in Canada permanently; To do this, you must apply for an immigrant category. However, it is important to keep in mind that a work permit can be your first step in the Canadian job market. There are also exceptions for caregivers who may reside permanently in Canada if they meet the eligibility requirements.

4. Husband and children

To come to Canada with you, your husband and children need to ask for it. They must meet the requirements to become temporary residents. The Immigration Service will also ask them questions to confirm their plans in Canada temporarily. Family members may be required to have a criminal record and may be required to provide evidence of their relationship with you; This includes a marriage or birth certificate. Also, if they want to work while they are here, they have to apply for a temporary work permit to get a job almost anywhere in the country.

All of this information and the many different requirements that must be met can sometimes lead to confusion for those who want to work temporarily in Canada. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, can be an ideal place to work because there are so many job opportunities, why not contact an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

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