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Manchester is one of the new cities in the UK. The Greater Manchester area has been growing steadily since 2007. And is one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK since the recession. It is the second-largest practical financial district outside London and has grown at almost twice the rate of most urban areas in the UK. The expansion was driven by significant investment in the service industry, especially in the financial sector. Some of the big companies with offices and large staff books in the Manchester area are Vodafone, BBC, Thomas Cook, The Guardian, Kellogs, ITV, and the nasty internet Google ogre.

Among them, they offer a lot of job opportunities. But what makes Manchester attractive to job seekers is that there are many other industries as well. The main sectors are the financial sector, banking, and insurance, but there are other options in retail and telecommunications. Manchester is an excellent hub for the service sector, including transport. The latter is a natural thing, as Manchester is at the heart of Britain’s transport network – motorways and rail links run in all four directions. Some highly specialized disciplines have focused on this area, such as biotechnology and environmental technology, possibly due to the Manchester Institute of Technology (MIT), which employs a number of scientifically and technically qualified professionals.

On a human rather than an economic scale, the city and its surroundings are cosmopolitan and cultural life is flourishing. The latter has attracted creative things to the city – check out any search engine and you will find sites for agencies and other creative companies here. These include digital and print advertising, packaging design, marketing, media … the list goes on! So this is not an ideal area for technical job search but also for those who find themselves on the other side of the coin and are looking for creative work. When I looked at my position, I found an unusually large number (well, I thought so) and linguists – the tourism industry had to speak Polish; the car rental company needed someone who spoke Norwegian fluently and there were openings in the business that spoke French!

Supplement / salary

Salaries are very different in Greater Manchester. In Telesales and the main stores, there are only 12,000, but there is no need to look far for well-paid management and technical jobs that offer 40-50,000 and more. In other words, there is something for everyone based on their skills and experience.

How to find a job in Manchester

The internet is a great place to start. This saves you a lot of time and price on the bus! There are thousands of jobs advertised on regular sites like gumtree, monster, and fish4. A great place for job seekers, however, is the national recruitment agency Reeds, where you can see how many others have applied for jobs you are interested in. For creative positions, check out Drum, and don’t forget to check out the Guardian worksheets.

But before you start, you should update your resume. It is best to leave this to professionals who, by exploring the type of job you are looking for, can give you an edge over others. They will advise you on the best type of resume (yes, there are some effective ways to submit a resume) and will use your skills and experience to present you in a very positive way. You are an amateur in this field unless of course, you are human resources!

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