Consider a new life in Canada? Several challenges for Canadian immigrants

Are you thinking about a new life in Canada? You’re not alone. Only in 2004, Nearly a million people have immigrated legally to Canada, and hundreds of thousands are still awaiting their candidacy. Canada is one of the western countries that receive the largest number of immigrants in addition to the United States. Migrants are characterized by a high standard of living due to low crime rates and a healthy economy. What do you expect when you come to Canada?

Seventy percent of all recent immigrants to Canada said they were not disturbed. Many of them in Canada already have friends and family members who help them integrate. Otherwise, several immigration groups help migrants move. Most newcomers find work faster than a year. This work can cover almost all areas and sectors of the economy.

It has also been reported that most migrants, about 90%, usually come with their own ethnic group. Because Canada is a multinational society, like the United States, newcomers quickly found their citizens. In addition, many other races are also overcoming cultural exclusion and making new friends.

Weather barrier

The weather was one of the main obstacles to stability. Canada has some of the coldest months in the entire western hemisphere. In fact, the continent is close to the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many immigrants come to Canada from the tropics, where the weather is relatively warm all year round.


While it is true that the Canadian immigration system wants to legalize only people with formal skills, there is a lot of competition for work in Canada. Canada has the highest literacy rate in the world. If you are looking for a small job, there are many in Canada. But if you want to go above the blue-collar routes, you have to be well educated with skills and experience. Newcomers can only know about the advanced internal functioning of the economy, which can hinder uptake.


In Canada, two languages ​​are spoken: English and French. The French language is particularly prevalent in individual states such as Quebec. While immigrants from French-speaking countries, like some West African countries, will not have any problems, this may be the case for English-speaking immigrants. You can be registered in English or French until the Canadian workforce is fully absorbed.

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