Are you moving to Nottingham- Check out the Amazing places to Live in Nottingham

If you are planning to rent a property in Nottingham or visit the area permanently, you will probably want to know a little more about the different areas of living in Nottingham. In this article, we have gathered general information about a few different areas of Nottingham.


This tends to be an area where students live as it is very close to the campus downtown. More suitable for young couples who appreciate having all the shops and nightclubs at the door.


The area of ​​Beeston is almost a town in itself rather than the borough of Nottingham. It has a shopping centre and a busy street. Buses and trains provide access to Nottingham city centre, but you will find most of what you need in Beeston, including a garden that is ideal for children in summer.


Not far from the city centre, this area is characterized by a large residential building from 1950. In the area, there are supermarkets nearby and with regular bus services that take you to the city centre and around Nottingham.


Located close to the main campus of the University of Nottingham, it is a relatively quiet area with a large number of students. To accommodate students, the site has plenty of amenities and entertainment such as bowling, cinemas and a post office. Shops in the area are available at Sainsbury’s and other smaller shops. Sports can be enjoyed in Highfields Park, which has tennis and hockey facilities and plenty of leisure space


This area is another popular area for students who do it very busy at times, but very quiet in the summer. As this is a student area, many police plans have been launched that make the area safer. There are plenty of amenities such as cinemas, pubs, restaurants and takeaway shops in the area. One of the best places to enjoy quiet summertime is the Lenton Recreation Field, which has many lawns to relax in the sun.

The meadows

This area has a strange combination of the estate with high-rises and confusing alleys, while Old Meadows has a spacious terrace with great views of the Victoria Embankment. This is one of the cheapest areas to live in the Nottingham area, and you can access the city centre by bus or on foot. The embankment has various festivals and events during the summer months.

The park and the canned circus

This detached house is one of Nottingham’s top places to live in the city and is relatively exclusive. Residents benefit from parking permit holders and few students. Canning Circus is close to the town, and there are many shops and restaurants in the area. No buses run through the park, but this is not a big problem as it is close to the town centre.

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