A Belgian tourist destination for a wonderful holiday trip and see some of the benefits of moving to Belgium and Brussels.

Belgium is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. It also houses medieval architecture and dynamic cities such as Brussels and Antwerp. The Royal Museum of Art (Antwerp) is one of the most interesting sights and has a large collection of 14th century paintings. Don’t forget Waterloo either, remember the Battle of Waterloo, in which Napoleon was defeated by the Duke of Wellington. This site is also one of the main factors for many tourists to make Belgium a tourist destination.
Brussels and Belgium are good places to live and work, whether you want to stay for a year or two or maybe longer. Here are some of the benefits:

Belgium has a lucrative labor market

The demand for qualified professionals is high. This is especially true of Brussels, where most of the EU institutions are located. In addition, there are many international companies in the city and the surrounding region. There are also many internationally renowned companies in Flanders, north of Brussels.

Housing is relatively affordable

Parts of Brussels can be expensive, but rental prices in Belgium are usually much lower than in the UK or London. There is also no shortage of affordable real estate that can be bought and rented.

Traveling to and from work is easier and cheaper than in the UK

Although trains can be full, distances are usually relatively short. Train tickets are much cheaper than in the UK and cost half the price over the weekend everywhere in Belgium.

The transport connections are excellent

Living and working in Belgium, especially in Brussels, means never being far from the UK. The Eurostar high-speed train service to the UK is now very fast and much more convenient than flying, assuming you live in the south of England. The journey from central Brussels to central London takes less than 2 hours. It is also never more than a few hours from the Belgian coast of the North Sea, which consists mainly of golden sandy beaches.

Relaxed work culture

The work culture in Belgium is freer than in the UK, and workers have more legal protection and social benefits, such as leave, which is usually generous 5 or 6 weeks after the first year. There are more holidays.

Great food and drinks

Belgium also has a world-famous cuisine that surprises even the French. There is also a huge selection of great Belgian beers to try!

Language is not really an issue

Most Belgian people speak English quite well, and in many large companies the main language is English. Belgium and especially Brussels have a large population of former residents and in many cases you can manage it in English. However, learning French or Dutch (the two main languages ​​in Belgium) is a good idea to get the most out of the country and to integrate better.

The media is international

The media in Belgium is very international, especially television. Most Belgians have cable TV (which now also offers internet and telephone services). There are about 40 TV channels, most of which are not Belgian. And BBC1 and BBC2 are standard throughout Belgium.

To sum up: Belgium is a great place, whether you want to emigrate for a longer period of time or just want to spend time in another EU country. Belgium is not perfect, of course, but in general, I would say that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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